The Post-Modernly Disappearance Of The Boy Named Noki

noki (2).jpg

The night is losing itself. It is unlike the other nights that you have known for many, many years. This time, the night spins off time in parallel with history, letting you see yourself sitting beside you at the Sunken Garden field nine years ago, while the moon was shining blue and your heart desired an anonymous girl wearing a Pink Floyd white shirt and a purple skirt an inch above her knees. You remember this night as if it was not the night that you met her; that is, the girl appears not coming from a distant memory, but from an event that is just about to take place.

“No, this is not a time-travel stuff that you read in books”, she kind of reminded me.

“Don’t prejudge me”, I looked into her eyes and quickly responded in seriously modulated tone.

She easily loses momentum and I hated stopping her. She must have felt I was disinterested; and I was sorry deep inside, even though I was honestly listening closely. She didn’t move an inch and paused for a second.

“Go ahead”, I said quite convincingly.

“Have you ever wondered why?” She seemed to be changing the topic.

“Like what?”

“Like why do we exist?”

“I do. Awfully lot.”

She looked at the night sky and was probably reciting in mind some of her favorite constellations and star formations.

“What happened to the girl?” I attempted to get her back to her story.

What separates human beings from the rest of species in the animal kingdom is their ability to think. This is not to say that animals don’t think. Of course, they do, right? Any creatures who use their brain think. Those neurons and synapses and signals and stuff make any creatures think.

“Agree.”, I uttered.

Obviously, she was ignoring me and now wanted to talk about something else.

There are generally only two things that animals are concerned about their existence. One is their appetite to live; the other is their appetite to procreate. Humans, on the other hand, have endless needs and wants driven by their creative thinking abilities to question and wonder. A mother bird will never transform her nest into a cemented one to make it safer for her babies against snakes or other predators. Birds and animals will always depend on their native thinking process. Humans, on the contrary, have continued to innovate to protect their existence. They initially invented incubators and now explore the areas of artificial insemination, in vitro-fertilization, stem cells, AI, and so on. Animals will not question why they exist and whether there is life after death. Humans question God, conquer the universe, and think they are the most important beings in this world.

“Do you believe in Darwin’s?” I asked.

“It was just a theory and I could create my own.” She replied with a sense of authority, as if I slightly offended her by my question.

“I am interested to hear your own theory of life – why do we exist.” She rarely smiles and her eyes just did. I must be the only person who could look into her eyes and know exactly what she is feeling.

She pulled her phone from the front pocket of her handbag and then played the Slow Club’s “I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream.”


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